Community Support

ECHO Community Support provides a range of services to both individuals and the community in the form of advice, referrals and assistance. Areas where we can assist include:


  • Housing

  • Health

  • Financial Issues

  • Employment

  • Training

  • Basic Legal Issues

  •  Bond Loans

  • Centrelink Issues

  • Difficulties with Utility Providers

  • Budgeting

  • Access to Micro Loans (NILS and STEP UP)

  • Unemployment 

  • Depression

  • Family issues.



For assistance with any of these matters or any other services you think we may be able to assist you with please call our Community Support Worker 9am-5pm Monday - Thursday or 9am-4pm friday on 4096 6950

Tanya presenting a donation  for Missy Clarkson to Janine

2016 QLD Championship Mascot race participants at ECHO's 25th birthday fun day